Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jalan ABC: Bandung's Electronic Market

Jalan ABC, or ABC street, is Bandung's prime electronic market. Lining this street that connects Jalan Otto Iskandar Dinata (Otista) and Jalan Banceuy in the center of the city are shops that specilize in selling electronic goods and gadgets. Bandung's people as well as visitors to this city like to go here to shop for electronic goods and gadgets because their prices are considered lower than in any other shops in other parts of the city and because they can bargain/negotiate the price.

Jalan ABC electronic market had existed long before shopping malls specializing in electronic goods, such as Bandung Electronic Center (BEC) on Jalan Purnawarman and Bimall on Jalan Naripan were opened.

You may want to consider visiting this market next time you visit Bandung.