Milestones and Awards

13 June 2008
BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO made its debut with a story and a series of photos about Gasibu Square.

June 2011
BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO helped the making of and was featured in One Square Mile, a BBC News Documentary Programme.

30 June 2011 BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO was invited to speak in the 5th Afternon Tea Forum at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space to talk about Subjectivity in Urban Documentary.

8 October 2011
BANDUNG DAILY PHOTO hit 200,000 unique visitors according to Approximately twice as many hits were recorded by Google's Blogger Pageviews.

December 2011
Bandung Daily Photo was honored by Channel News Asia to help in the making of Boomtown Asia, a documentary film about seven fastest developing cities in Asia - of which Bandung is one.

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