Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Watching Eye in The Crowd

I took this photo sometime ago at a fasnion show organized and sponsored by a Paris-based producer of cosmetics and beauty products at Yogya Mall at Jalan Kepatihan.

I think that watching eye in the crowd who are focusing their attention on the fashion show on the stage makes a very interesting photograph.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Newspaper Read

Except for advertisement bulletins, there is no free newspaper in this city. But that doesn't mean you can't read newspapers for free. You can certainly read them for free at the libraries, hotels, office lobbies. But here, you can also read the newspaper on certain bulletin boards on Jalan Asia Afrika street. These bulletin boards are located on the side walk in front of Pikiran Rakyat newspaper office. And as you may have expected, the board only carries Pikiran Rakyat newspaper.

Published in Bandung since 1965 and circulates mainly in the Provinces of West Java, Banten, dan DKI Jakarta, Pikiran Rakyat (literally: People's Ideas/Thoughts) is a major newspaper in the country and the largest in West Java and Banten.