Bandung Daily Photo (BDP) was first published on 13 June, 2008. While it is not the first photo blog that claims to be Bandung's daily photo sites, it is currently and arguably one of the most consistently maintained and informative photo blogs and websites about Bandung published in the English language. With nearly 600 posts and 700 photographs (as of today) that continually grow with regular updates, it has one of the largest collections of photographs about Bandung in a single internet site. The insightful commentaries written in good English also marks Bandung Daily Photo off its counterparts.

From its inception, Bandung Daily Photo has been conceived not just as a ordinary photo blog, but a photo blog with informative commentaries, hence its tagline "A Visual Journal of the City of Bandung and Its Vicinities". This direction was chosen to fill in the gap that currently exists in internet publications about Bandung written in decent English.

As a visual journal, Bandung Daily Photo aims to present Bandung as it is or, rather, as experienced by its citizens on the day to day basis. This means that while many of its posts are about the interesting parts of the city and those popular among visitors (and information contained in it may very well be useful for them), Bandung Daily Photo is not a tourism oriented site. It is - once again - a site that tries to depict a living, beating city as lived and experienced by its citizens on the day to day basis.

Thanks to you - friends, visitors, and viewers from near and far - Bandung Daily Photo has now achieved its prominence as a consistently top 20 websites in the Google search engine for the key word "Bandung". It has also recently received an honor to be featured in the BBC News Channel documentary program One Square Mile.

As part of its third anniversary celebration, beginning this May 2011, Bandung Daily Photo is inviting fellow Bandung citizens and visitors to contribute their pictures and stories about Bandung to be posted in this blog. With this, it is hoped that Bandung Daily Photo will have a more diverse perspective about life in the city that represents the experiences of its citizens and visitors. Contribution can be sent through the following email address: bandungphotolicious@yahoo.co.id. All contributions will be acknowledged, and copyrights of the photo contributed will remain with the photographer. However, photos that have been posted may not be withdrawn for any reasons.

Welcome to Bandung Daily Photo and the Bandung visual experience.

Bandung, 12 May 2011
Eki Akhwan

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