Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pinhole Ideas Over A Cup of Coffee

Once a month, a group of photographers in Bandung get together for a late afternoon talk of nothing in particular in a forum called ONGKOSS (Omong Kosong Sore-sore), a name which literally means Afternoon Chatters. I'm a 'member' of the group (well, sort of, because this group has no formal membership; any photographers or people interested in photography can come and join the chat).

Last week, the gathering was held at Bengawan Coffee Shop on Jalan Bengawan 54 where a pinhole photography exhibition was being held as part of Komunitas Kamera Lubang Jarum Bandung (Bandung Pinhole Camera Community) efforts to introduce and share their works with the public.

I was there, and the topic being discussed that afternoon was Pinhole Challenge to The Established Photography Practice. It sounds serious enough. But believe me, the atmosphere was very informal: the coffees and the comradeship (camaraderie?) were not less important that what was being talked about.

Coffees, so it seemed, were the source of good friendship and ideas. A good flow of one is a good flow of the other.