Sunday, September 14, 2008

Multiple Information and Telecommunication Technology Shop


Text and picture by Eki Qushay Akhwan

Access to information and telecommunication technology, such as computer, the internet, facsimile, etc., is a necessity today. However, many people, especially those from the lower income strata, still can't afford to have such technology at home. This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have access to it though. Internet cafes (here called WARNET - the abbreviation for Warung Internet or Internet Kiosk), WARTEL (Warung Telekomunikasi or telecommunication kiosk), photocopy kiosks, etc. are available nearly in every strategic location throughout the city of Bandung and even in its surrounding countrysides where telephone lines and/or wireless mobile telephone signal are available.

The kiosk in the above photo is particularly interesting because it does not only provide internet or telephone services, but both plus a variety of other information and telecommunication technology services. As you can see from the writings on the window, it offers computer rent, data backup services, document typing and editing, photo scanning and editing, laminating, printing and photocopy services, prepaid cellular phone vouchers, and even multy players games. All in one small and unassuming shop!

I took the above shapshot photo at Cimahi, a town about 14 kilometers west of Bandung's city center.


Virginia said...

One stop (techno) shopping at its best!

Laurie said...

I think these internet cafes are great. My husband and I got married in St. Lucia 7 years ago. We found a little internet cafe there literally in the living room of a cafe owner. It was fun to be able to send an email from our otherwise remote Caribbean honeymoon.

nobu said...

It's convenient.
I'm searching scan searvice in here. but I can't find it near my house.

Michelle's Rambling Woods said...

An internet cafe...Here many coffee shops have internet wireless and I see many people taking advantage of it with their computers. It seems that we again have much in common.