Monday, December 29, 2008

Bandung Architectural Heritage # 5: Jalan Braga 135

These colorful windows belong to a building on Jalan Braga (Braga Street) 135, across the street from Bank Indonesia building. There is no official name for this building today as it has been left vacant for sometime. Listed as one of Bandung's Architectural Heritage by Bandung Society for Heritage Conservation, this building is another example of the Schoemaker brothers' architectural masterpieces. R.L.A Sshoemaker (the brother of C.P. Wolff Schoemaker) designed this building, which was erected in 1917.

Throughout its history, this building has been used for different purposes. I do not have any information about what this building was used for before the Indonesian independence, but after the Indonesian independence, it was the provincial headquarters of the Indonesian Police (POLDA Jawa Barat) until the 1990s. It was then leased and made into a factory outlet boutique - that's when the windows were colored like this.

Here is what the wide angle shot of the building looks like:


ramblingwoods said...

That is the prettiest vacant building I have ever seen. Our vacant building do not look like that..

the donG said...

beautiful! beautiful! no matter how simple it is but when the colors match. beautiful!

nice shot.

Mahmud Yussop said...

It's a unique building and the playful colours enliven the atmosphere.

Hilda said...

Those colorful windows just made my day, Eki! I hope whoever leases it next keeps them that way.

Vannya Azzahra said...

very colorful... it's so artistic