Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tall Flag Carrier

A tall flag carrier is part of the marching band auxiliary components that - together with other auxiliary elements - functions to add visual elements to the band's performance.

Different types of marching band have different auxiliary elements. A ceremonial marchng band, for example, might include a troop of traditional color guards; whereas corp-style field band would probably include a dance line.

The auxiliary elements of a marching band are sometimes collectively called the color guards or the visual ensemble.

I took this photo of this tall flag carrier girl practicing her skills at Bandung City Hall park a couple of days ago. I used slower shutter speed to capture the motion of the flag.


madrotter said...

hallo! i only just found your blog and i love it! beautiful photo's!!!

greetings henk madrotter

the donG said...

great capture. you can feel the action.

Dina said...

She looks graceful. The picture makes me want to hear the band music.

madrotter said...

i have to say, after going through your blog today, you make me appreciate bandung so much more! i've been living here for almost 13 years now, and i was here for 2 weeks back in 1991. too often i focus too much on what is wrong in bandung and i kinda forget why i fell in love with this place in the first place. bandung is still lovely and i am still so happy to be living here!



Hello. Interesting blog. Congratulations.
A bear hug.

akarui said...

Beautiful movement and colors.