Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Antique Honda

I spotted this old (antique?) Honda motorcycle in front of a shop on Jalan ABC (street). At first I thought it was from the mid 70s. Then I searched in the internet and learned that this model - called Honda S90 - is from the late 1960s. Wow, that's about 50 years old! And it's still running.

In the course of my googling, I also found that there are quite a number of antique motorbike communities and workshops here. One of them is even quite close to where I live.


jeannette stgermain said...

This Honda looks sturdy! Glad you found a shop close by:)

Dina said...

Oh cool! That's like the Honda I had in college. Mine was only 50 cc but it could do everything--go just fast enough for the highway, fly in the air on a mountain course, go over snow, carry a passenger or a load. It was great fun. And then a tank of gas cost only a quarter of a dollar.
Sigh ...

Thanks for the memories, Eki.
But oh no, are they really called antiques already? What does that make me? :)