Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blonde Mannequins

These blode mannequins at King's Shopping Center on Jalan Kapatihan look attractive. But then I began to ask questions: Why do they have to be blonde? And white? Is that how they are supposed to be made to look attractive?

But we are brown-skinned and black-haired.


Life in Egypt said...

Same here in Egypt. maybe they get them in second hand from the UK stores. the coloured people in England would call us racist if we made coloured mannequins. Maybe they should make them all purple then there would be no offenses committed. unless we have some martians we no not know about.
As a child I Used to collect the golliwogs from the marmalade Jars but they got banned" Racist don't you know!

the donG said...

i dont really prefer living in condominiums but im glad that condiminiums will soon be cheaper.

arabesque said...

come to think of it, i don;t think i've ever seen any colored mannequins before either,
i think bec. they're stereotype in this matter already,
hard to change something that's unchangeable. ^-^

Photo Cache said...

love that long rainbow stripe dress.

Dina said...

Very good point you make, Eki.

But at least your mannequins have heads. In the Moslem Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, the mannequins for ladies' dresses are headless.
I have heard this is for religious reasons.