Saturday, November 27, 2010

On Board Argo Parahiyangan

I'm on my way to Jakarta this morning. And this is the train I'm taking: the executive class of The Argo Parahiyangan.

There used to be two train services that connected Bandung and Jakarta: Parahiyangan and the Argo Gede. Early this year, however, the Parahiyangan service was discontinued and was attached to The Argo Gede. Hence the name 'Argo Parahiyangan'.

The Indonesian railway company (PT KAI) decided to merge the services because of the steep competition it was facing from shuttle bus services that could offer better fares and faster travel time between Bandung and Jakarta since the opening of Cipularang toll highway.

This is a mobile upload. My apology if the picture quality is not that good. I took the photo with my mobile phone's 2MP camera and uploaded it right after I took it.


Dina said...

It looks luxurious.

It is exciting that we readers can be with you on the train in real time thanks to your cell phone.

Ramadhona Saville said...

woow great picture

Photo Cache said...

looks comfy and luxurious. more like a plane than a train.

damz said...

Wow, it looks so comfortable and clean.. I used to take Argo Gede/Parahiyangan almost every weekend about 6-8 years ago.. They didn't look this good.

peppermint said...

Woaaah I haven't been on Parahiyangan train for years. They never chance a bit.

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Catherine said...

I'm surprise that buses offer faster services than railway !

Certainly more comfy in train. I love traveling by train !