Sunday, March 27, 2011


This is the lunch we had today: a basic set of meals that Sundanese people would typically have.

In the bamboo container and wrapped in banana leaf is rice, our staple food which without which we can't call a meal a proper meal. The side dishes we had were fried tofu and tempe (or tempeh in English), grilled fish (the protein sources), and some vegetables (we had stir-fried labu jipang or chayote shoots). The red and brownish things in the small 'saucers' are sambal (chilly sauces) in which we dip the the chunk of fish before eating it with the rice. We had two types of sambal today: the red one is chili and terasi based called sambal terasi and the deep brownish one is sweet soy sauce based called sambal kecap.


Mahmud Yussop said...

Love it all. The meal must be very appetising.

AWANG said...

last week i have my meal wrapped in a kind of leaf (not banana).I was on jungle trip trekking for 6 hrs to village near to Klimatan/Sarawak border.Our meal prepared by villagers(hill paddy rice).
Its taste so nice & fresh smell.

Dina said...

This looks delicious.

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arabesque said...

the food is definitely appetizing. ^0^
the use of banana leaf and the fried fish is a filipino favorite as well.