Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Fun Attraction

At Bandung Car-Free Day, you can find a lot of different fun attractions offered by individuals, groups, and members of the city's numerous creative communities. Here's one of them that Sudarmanto Edris, a Bandung Daily Photo contributor, captured last Sunday: A number of young people (students?) put on cardboard boxes to cover their heads and hand in hand they walked together along the street.

Can you read the letters written on the boxes?


Nathalie said...

Yes I can, Ramadan.
Is this meant to be funny? Or more to make people think about Ramadan?

tinta hatiku said...

The different but attractive way to welcome our holy Ramadhan by the youth/teenagers.

Natalie, I think that's one of the creatives way to let us think about Ramadhan...

What do you think Eki?

Andrew Graeme Gould said...

What an unusual way to advertise that special time of the year. Well caught!