Friday, December 16, 2011

Bandung Ice Skating Ring

Back in 2008, I posted a story about ice skating in Bandung. The ice-skating ring that was located in Istana Plaza featured in the story was unfortunately closed in 2009 and so for a while Bandung did not have an ice-skating ring.

However, that did not last long. In September 2010, a new and bigger ice-skating ring was opened. Located at the roof top of Paris van Java or PVJ on Jalan Sukajadi, this new ice-skating ring occupies a floor space of 40 x 20 meters. This facility is bigger than the previous one. It is also better equipped. Called "Garden Ice", the premise is home of Bandung Skating Academy - a training facility for those who are interested in doing ice sports. Two kinds of ice sport are are taught here: Figure skating and ice hockey.

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Laurie said...

I love this shot! I actually competed as a figure skater when I was in elementary school so this is close to my heart. It's wonderful to catch up on your blog, Eki. And see your other blogs, too!