Saturday, April 28, 2012

Give Way, Please!

Passengers trying to get off the commuter train meet -- and are blocked by -- those who are trying to get on it. Queuing and giving ways are manners that many of us are yet to learn. Unfortunately, only very little deliberate efforts have ever been made to do so. The situation is much worse with the commuter trains because the number of passengers far outnumber the available cars and trips. Out of panic, most passengers would rush to the platform as soon as the train is approaching and try to get on it before those inside can get off. It's a dangerous stampede-like experience especially for children, women, old people, and people with disabilities.

Public and mass transportation transportation system is long overdue homework for the city's government. There is virtually no working, well-coordinated, safe and convenient system of public and mass transportation system in this city.

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Dina said...

Actually, your crowd looks calm compared to a similar situation you can see everyday in my city. I see no "elbow power" being used.
Our first tram started running last August and passengers still do not get it that people have to get off before others can get in.