Sunday, November 11, 2012

West Padalarang Karst

A limestone mountain (hill?) or what remains of it of the west Padalarang karst at Citatah. The winding curve you see in the picture is the road used by local miners and mining company to extract or mine limestone.

The west Padalarang karst is located about 22 kilometers to the west of Bandung. The karst has been heavily mined for its limestone and other mineral deposits. It has been the concern of many environmentalists and geologists because of the prehistoric significance this place has in the formation of the Bandung plateau. They are afraid that much of geological and bio-diversity evidence will be lost because of the mining activities.

I am going to tell more about this place at later posts.


Dina said...

A mountain to me! It looks and sounds like something that could be in The Hobbit.

Anita said...

Good picture and thanks for giving a little more of the backstory to the mountain. I wish I could have seen it before all the mining was done to it.