Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jagung Bakar Lembang

Photo caption: Jagung bakar Lembang.

Jagung bakar (grilled corn) together with ketan bakar is a popular 'street snack' among locals as well as visitors to the town of Lembang.

Lembang is a district about 12 kilometers to the north of the city of Bandung. It is popular among visitors because of its higher altitude and cooler air, its mountainous scenery, and its vegetable and flower farms. Many people like to go here on weekends just to hang out, enjoy its fresh cool air, shop for vegetables and fruits, and eat jagung bakar, ketan bakar, and various other foods on the road side stalls.

Grilled corn may be the same everywhere, but on a cool night mountain air outdoor and among friends, it can be quite an experience.


Photo Cache said...

that is one of my favorite things to eat.


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