Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Small, Street-Corner Bookstore

A small book store on the corner of Jalan Jend. Purn Amir Machmud, which is the main street, and Jalan Alun-alun Cimahi. I think it's one of the oldest book stores in the town of Cimahi in the west of Bandung. Pustaka Nasution I believe is the name.

In an era of big chain bookstores, it's nice to see a small and privately owned bookstore like this.

The store doesn't carry many books though. When I checked it out the last time, it only had school text books, some religious books, and a limited collection of how-to books.

The tents in front of it are street vendors selling various things: shoes, bags, clothes ...

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Photo Cache said...

it would be really nice if the bookstore could keep on operating for years to come despite the stiff competition from chain bookstores.