Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Air Pollution Meter on Jalan Setiabudi

This is an air pollution (pollutant) meter on Dr. Setiabudi street in the north of Bandung. Well, not the whole structure is, only the bottom part. The big LCD screen on top of it is a billboard. As you can see, the instrument is out of order and does not read and display what it's supposed to read and display.

The municipal government has installed a number of pollution (pollutant) meters in several locations in the city recently to let the public know the pollutant levels in the areas where they are installed. Unfortunately many of them, like this one, seem to be out of order.

Alat pengukur polusi udara di jalan Dr Setiabudi di utara Bandung. Alat ini dipasang di beberapa tempat di kota Bandung untuk memberitahukan kepada masyarakat tingkat polusi udara yang ada di tempat itu. Sayangnya, kebanyakan alat itu tampaknya rusak dan tidak berfungsi.


Photo Cache said...

the good thing is that the govt has taken steps to curb air pollution by installing these machines, although they are out of order right now. i do hope that they can be repaired and be help to people.

Hilda said...

The one air pollution meter I've seen here in Metro Manila wasn't working too.