Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bandung Sunset

Text and picture ©Eki Qushay Akhwan

This sunset could be anywhere. We share the same earth, the same sun. But this is what I saw, here where I live.


The sun is what unites us:
It’s the sun that shines upon us

Blesses us with lives.
Blesses us with lives.

When it sets in my hemisphere
It raises in yours

Night is only a flip, of morning
Time of sleep, time of raising

When it raises in your hemisphere
It raises in ours

Distance may there be between us
But you and I are us

May peace be upon you
May peace be upon you


Mo said...

That's a lovely sunset.

Guntur Purwanto said...

Nice blog and pictures, bang! :) Viewing your blog gives me more spirit to start takin pictures again. I just read your comment today and really thank you for that. Was a bit busy earlier because of exam. I'm done btw :). Yea, let's introduce Bandung to the world!

Layrayski said...

You're right about sharing the same sunset. But would you believe I have the same (almost) photo that you have up? You have a different angle but its almost the same.

Dindin MK said...

Nice shot, sir!

i love sunset!