Thursday, November 20, 2008

Barbie Party of The Street

Probably only in Bandung do Barbies have a street party of their own like this.

Well, may be this party's guest lists are not those real doll celebrities called by their legendary brand name: Barbie. But their likeness to the real thing is pretty obvious: their body shape, hair style, their choice of fashion, etc.

Barbie doll, by the way, was created by an American businesswoman Ruth Handler (1916 - 2002) and is produced by Mattel, Inc. She was born on March 9, 1959 (the date she was officially introduced to the market) in New York City (the venue of American International Toy Fair, where she was introduced). The name Barbie was picked by Ruth Handler after her daughter's name, Barbara.

Here are some interesting tids and bits about her:

- Although designed by an American, the insiration for Barbie came from a similar doll of German origin, Bild Lili, which Ruth discovered and purchased on her trip to Germany in 1956. Bild Lili was first made available to the market in 1955.

- Although produced by an American company, the first Barbie dolls were not manufactured in the United States, but in Japan, and their clothes were home-made and stitched by Japanese home workers.

- 350,000 Barbie dolls were sold in the first year of production.

- Barbie's given full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Her parents, George and Margaret Roberts, are said to be from a fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin.

- Barbie has six brothers and sisters: Skipper, Tutti, Todd, Stacie, Kelly, and Krissy.


dina said...

This picture is too funny! A street party!
How did I grow up in America and not know any of the facts you present here? Well, fortunately I outgrew dolls before Barbie was born.
I enjoy how you wrote this post, Eki.

Catherine said...

There are big SALES at Bandung before Christmas ! : )
Or a Charity Ball? maybe ?

Hilda said...

Eki! I'm so intrigued: Why were they on the street like that? You forgot to say for all the Barbie facts ;D

the donG said...

hahaha... very funny how they arranged it in such manner. looks like they're alive.

is this toy story 3?

Layrayski said...

very interesting. who holds the barbie parties?

beatriz said...

I LOVE Barbie...I know people want to blame her for the ills that plague insecure women, but I think some people have lost their sense of humor and sense of irony. Check out my site

aditryan said...

that is very funny, sir

Blognote said...

This ia a great and funny photo, Eki!!

Vannya said...

Hemmm...beautiful barbies. Although it's not such elegant and luxurious barbies which are sold at Mall...these street barbies could be cheaper than the original.

Putra Riau said...

I don't know exactly but, Eki loves barbie too..

Rambling Woods said...

There are Barbie doll collectors too. I loved my Barbie dolls and my mother used to sew clothes for her. Nice memory to bring back. Thank you Eki..

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