Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can Bread Talk?

I know I promised yesterday that I'd post another photo of Mt. Tangkuban Parahu and the legend behind this name.

My appology for not keeping the promise. Things have been a little bit hectic at work this week and I have not really had much time for my blogging. Still I'm trying to post a picture a day so that this blog will still be a "daily photo" instead of a weekly photo or monthly photo. ^_^

About the title of this post and the photo:
Of course bread does not talk (except in some fiction works or some figure of speech). This is just the brand name of a bread chain shop/francise. I think it's originally from Singapore, but it's quite popular here and can be found in nealy every big mall in the city.

The place looks the same everywhere, but quite nice. I especially like the idea of the see-through bakery, where we can see how the bread is made and how the bakers work and create those different varieties of fresh and mouth watering bread and cakes. It smells nice too. Here's how my mind connects the brand name and the idea behind the design of the shop: The shopkeepers don't really need to talk to potential customers, let the bread do the talking. And it apparently does. At this shop the bread does all the talking - promoting itself through the enticing aroma it produces.

So does bread really talk? Not the way we do (verbally) apparently, but it does have its own language: Its aroma!


nobu said...

Yes, fresh bread talks much.
I like this see-through style too.

uncleawang said...

Very interesting post, well that a unique branding but very affective I guess.

JM said...

''Let the bread do the talking'' - that's a fine interpretation of the very cool shop name! :-)

Dina said...

This is a fun post, Eki.
The place does look inviting.
Hope your work settles down. Thanks for taking time to keep on blogging.

Urang Awak said...

This is very impressive way of describing how the bread talk to us, mere human!

Dear Aa, just reading it, it makes my mouth watering, I am hungry (No breakfast) and lunch is still 3 more hours to go!!!


the donG said...

it's also popular here in the philippines. let the bread go rolling!

Catherine said...

Oh! yes, you're right. More than you can imagine! The smell of the bread is well-known, when we pass in front of a Boulangerie. It's like a triggering factor of purchase.
And I'm an expert ... in bread I meant, not in purchase strategy : )

Rambling Woods said...

I love to go to the local bakery and buy their artisan's bread. Now that we don't take the time to bake bread at home. I used to enjoy it, but it is a lot of work and you need strong arms to knead the bread. I can't do it anymore..