Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grilled-Fish Party

A couple of weeks ago, my students, some colleagues and I went to Pangandaran, a beach about 250 kilometers to the southeast of Bandung (see this google map). We had a great time there. And this is one of the things I like best about the place: the fresh seafood. This grilled fish was the one we had for dinner party under the moon light the second night we were there.


Dina said...

Eki shalom!
I've never seen such huge fish on a grill!
Great picture.
It must have been a great trip for you all.

jeannette said...

What fish is that? -so big!!
You're a romantic guy, Eki - eating fish in the moonlight:) (I'm joking!)

Mood, call me Mahmood said...

Saudara Eki,
The bbq fishes look so delicious. BTW I'm a great fish eater and would like to come to this spot, presently in my dream!

Dindin MK said...

Whooo, ada pak Sudarsono juga...

Seems you have a great weekend, sir..

Catherine said...

As Dina, never seen such fiches !
Some little brochettes, for those who don't like fish ? :-)

Hilda said...

Nothing beats freshly grilled fish on the beach, nothing!

Life in Egypt said...

They are not fish, sharks I think.
looks yummy nothing like fresh bbq fish,