Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Off Season Umbrellas

Although rain still falls every now and then, the rainy season was officially over at the end of April here. Now it's the dry season till about October or November. For a while, we'll stow away our umbrellas and rain coats. But for those who have extra stocks of them - shops, vendors - they don't have much of an option but sell them at discounted prices. And here is what I saw at the Lapangan Gasibu (Gasibu Square) last Sunday. A street vendor displayed all the umbrellas and rain coats she had and offered them for much less than they cost at the peak of the rainy season.

The word "umbrella," by the way, is derived from the Latin word "umbra" (shade). More interesting stories about the umbrella may be read at this Wikipedia article.


Catherine said...

An umbrellas strike ! They don't want to be sell off at whatever price !

Great first shot.

Hilda said...

They look fantastic all open and displayed like that! Your vendors can set up here – our rainy season's just about to begin. :)

Glad to see you back, Eki!

Renee said...

I love the colors! Nice!

Mo said...

Ah my favourite photographic subject. Umbrellas.

jeannette said...

umbrellas are always such a festive sight!