Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Largest Citrus Fruit in The World

This is pomelo (Citrus maxima Merr., C. grandis Osbeck; C. decumana L.) , the largest citrus fruit in the world. Indigenous to the Indonesian islands and other South East Asian regions, the fruit that is locally known as "Jeruk Bali" (Balinese Citrus) is about 15 - 30 cm in diameter and weighs 1 - 2 kilograms each. The pomelo tastes much like grapefruit, mildly sweet and juicy.

The fruit's English name - pomelo - is derived from the Dutch word pompelmoes. The Dutch, as some of you know, was the former colonial ruler of the Indonesian archipelago.

The fruit is now in season here and many street vendors are selling them on the roadside like this one. I bought one yesterday.


Tony nile life said...

How do you juice them do they have a specal pomela juicer. or do you do them like grapes and stand on them ,

Leif Hagen said...

I've never seen fruit like that before today! Of course I've enjoyed grapefruite before but that that fruit!
Delicious photo

Dindin MK said...

Wah, baru tau saya pak kalo ini Jeruk terbesar di dunia... :)

Dina said...

The seller has cut them open so artistically. Pretty!
I love pomelo. We grow them here too.
Nice street scene you show us.