Friday, June 25, 2010

Skywatch: Above The Clouds of Bromo

Being located in the path of The Ring of Fire, Indonesia has a lot of active and dormant volcanoes. Although they can become a source of disastrous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, many of these mountains are also stunningly beautiful, like this Mount Bromo in East Java.

My family and I went there sometime ago. This is one of the photos I took there. The mountain protruding from the clouds in the foreground is Gunung Batok (lit. "coconut shell mountain," named so because of its shape and color) and the white fumes at the background are the crater steam (?) emanating from Mt. Bromo.

It's Friday, time for photobloggers from around the world who are participating in The Skywatch Friday meme to show the photos of their skies. Please visit their blogs and check out what they have.


Sanna said...

Beautiful and interesting. =)

noel said...


you have captured a beautiful landscape in your area, i love the volcano just sticking out above the clouds, thanks for sharing this today

Photo Cache said...

I can't see the image, I wonder why.

Have a lovely relaxing weekend.

ilovepink1078 said...

wow, indeed very amazing photographs. I cant imagine how you took this photographs.

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Dina said...

This is indeed stunning. So dramatic and beautiful!

Your blog's new template is also very nice, Eki.
I voted for you. Can we vote more than once?