Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Aftermath

Bandung is a favorite holiday destination for local as well as regional holidaymakers. In fact, a large chunk of its economy is based on tourism and tourism-related industry. However, the city's infrastructure, especially the roads and public transportation system, can only sustain so much that during the holiday seasons, the city's streets can become so packed with motorists that in some places they can literally become jammed.

Here are a couple of pictures I took on Sunday, 2 January, the day before the long weekend and new year holiday ended. Jalan Cicendo (Cicendo street), the street that leads to Stasiun Hall - Bandung's main railway station, the airport, and Pasteur Toll Highway exit, was packed with cars trying to get out of the city.

In a situation like this, even motorcyclists can't get through and the naughtiest of them were tempted to invade the sidewalks.


Dina said...

Your street-level views really give the feeling of jammed. Wow. Sort of glad I missed that particular day in Bandung.

MOOD, call me Mahmood said...

Waduh ! it's so jam-packed.TQ for sharing.

arabesque said...

wow, looking at that situation and that stubborn motorcyclist,
i can't help but compare them here.
as a driver myself, being stuck in traffic is such a headache and drivers like them are one thing i detest. ^0^

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is some mean holiday traffic. It's pictures like these that make me thankful I make it a point to leave as early as possible when going on vacation.