Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Andir Night Market

Pasar Andir (Andir Market) is one of Bandung's central wet or traditional markets. It's located on Andir street in the city center. Its busiest operating time is at night from about 9 p.m to about 4 a.m.

Various kinds of fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruits are brought here from the farms in the countrysides and towns adjacent to Bandung. Traders and resellers from the smaller markets and hotel and restaurant caterers come here to pick their supplies.

Over the years the Andir market has grown beyond its original boundaries and for some years now it has spilled onto the adjacent streets. As you can see in these pictures, the farmers even use the body of streets to offer their produce. Fortunately, the market's peak hours only take place at night and are usually over before 5 in the morning so they do not add more snarl to the already congested traffic in the city center.

Today's photos are contributed by Agus Wahyudi - a photographer friend of mine, an employee of PT. Pos Indonesia (Indonesian Postal Company) and a freelance photographer. Pak Agus (that's how I call him) has agreed from now on to become one of Bandung Daily Photo's regular contributors. Thanks, Pak Agus.


Dindin MK said...

Pak Eki, I have some collections about Bandung and I'd like to be a BDP's contributor. What's the rules?

Typically Dutch said...

I love the pasar malam :)
In two weeks we have a big Indonesian Pasar malam in Den Haag,this is always my day off and having lots of fun with Indonesian food,culture and people.

Dina said...

So interesting how that works.
Thanks for staying up late enough to take these photos.

Eki, I just realize how far behind I got. Don't know how I missed this many posts. You have been a busy blogger lately. :)