Friday, July 8, 2011

Purplish Pink Evening Sky

I took this photo some time ago at Setiabudhi street in the north of Bandung on my way home from work. The sky that day was magnificently purplish pink. I stopped by a nearby supermarket and tried to capture the light of the sky from different angles. I think this one (with the supermarket's neon sign and the silhouette of a tree as the frame) works best. It enhances the color and light of the sky.

This post is Bandung Daily Photo's participation in this week's Skywatch Friday. Please check out other paricipants' posts here.


Luna Miranda said...

i love your purplish sky...lovely capture for SWF.

J Bar said...

Great colour.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Pretty Life Online said...

great post for skywatch... Have a great weekend ahead!!! Hoping you can visit @ my little corner.

Typically Dutch said...

Beautiful !!!