Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Side Tire Patch-er

A road-side tire patcher at work on Dr. Setiabudi Street in the north of Bandung.

There are many tire patchers like this on the road side of Bandung. They are a convenience for motorists who have a flat tire and need their tire repaired or those who just need to add air pressure to their tires.

There is no word 'patcher' in English dictionaries that I know of. That's probably because there is no trade of this kind in their world. I made up the word from the verb 'patch' to name a person whose job is to patch tires. The Indonesian word for it is 'tukang tambal ban'.

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Gwendolyn L said...

Interesting story. I enjoyed hearing about your creativity. Thanks for sharing the photo also.

Luna Miranda said...

we have similar road-side shops here in the Philippines. we call it vulcanizing shop. their sign is usually an old tire marked/painted with "vulcanize".:p

Photo Cache said...

i second luna's comment. exactly what i was going to say - since we both are filipinos :)

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