Friday, January 27, 2012

S-28 Cafe

I like coffee and going to cafes to enjoy it.

Like many urbanites anywhere, I go to cafes not only to have - drink and enjoy - coffees, but also to socialize or, quite the opposite of it, have some quiet time on my own. Sometimes I also do my blogging from one of these places.

Of all the cafes that I have frequented, I can probably say that S-28 on Jalan Sulanjana 28 is one of my favorites.

Unlike some other cafes which are popular among teenagers, it has a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere: no loud music, no ‘buzzing’ chatters, and – best of all – it is strategically located between my office and home. So, whenever the traffic is bad and I don't feel like driving through it, I can just stop by the place, have a piece of pastry and a coffee, read a book or write a post for my blog, and wait till the congestion is easing.

The decoration of the cafe is quite nice too. I like how they  put a bag of coffee beans and  jars containing different kinds of coffee beans that they serve at the counter.

And I didn't know until quite recently - when I accidentally met an ex-student of mine - that the back room of this cafe is actually also a "Rent Office & Meeting Room." These rented offices and meeting room, according to him (who happens to have  his office there),  provides shared office facilities and even a private secretary and office staff. This can save a lot of overhead and operational costs for a small or a start up business like the one he is trying to start.

Curious, I asked if I could have a peek into his office. It's a nice three square meter office space. It looks like a decent office of a company executive.


Gildo Kaldorana said...

Aku ikut. Nanti kalau saya ke Bandung, untuk beli baju murah yang bermerek.......minum kopi. ¡¡Tunggu saya ya!!.
Salam dari Barcelona

Sumedang Daily Photo SDP said...

Perlu dicoba nih ke S-28 Cafe! :D

Photo Cache said...

that is a pretty nice and luxurious set up for a coffee shop.

Jane Hards said...

Good to see you are still blogging, and as always so much info in one post