Friday, January 6, 2012

Strangled Skateboarder

Oh, oh ... what happened to this skateboarder? He didn't see a cable in front of him and was strangled in his action.

Fortunately he's not a real living skateboarder. He's just a statue. I don't know if its placement near the electric cable was deliberate. It might be. As far as I know, the electric cable had already been there before the statue was put in the front yard of the building next to the one where the cable was. Perhaps the maker of the statue was very much aware of it and deliberately put his/her work there. It might also be possible that he/she was not aware of it. Either ways, it creates a funny scene.


Tanya said...

ha, poor guy!

Photo Cache said...

this is a very interesting sculpture. i like it a lot.

Dina said...

Oi! But it's not as bad as the figures in the previous post.
I wish all your skateboarders safety.

sandijuandi said...

He died... :D
*flying in the air*