Monday, February 24, 2014

Bandung Skateboard Park at Balubur

Photo caption: Bandung's skateboard park at Balubur last Saturday night.

Bandung Skateboard Park is one of the newest parks in Bandung. The park, which is located under the Pasupati flyover adjacent to 'Taman Jomblo' (single's park), was dedicated on 4 January 2014. This park is said to be the first instalment of a more extended facility promised to Bandung's skateboarders' community. A more elaborate facility that meets international standard is to be dedicated later this year, according to the current mayor.

Bandung has quite a significant number of skateboarder communities. Prior to the construction of the park, many skateboarders used to practice their skills at the road sides, which of course was unsafe.

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