Friday, February 14, 2014

The Orderly Dalem Kaum Street

This is what Dalem Kaum Street looks like now: green and more orderly.

Not long ago, this street in the center of the city was notorious for its crowded and chaotic look. Unruly street vendors known locally as 'pedagang kaki lima'(PKL) occupied both sides of the streets and the sidewalks making the already dense and narrow street congested, dirty, and unsightly.

The revitalisation of the street was part of our new mayor's program to regulate more stringently the city's street vendors and make the city cleaner and more orderly.

This banner at the end of the street reminds everyone that it is against the city's regulation to buy from street vendors in this area. This banner reads:

"It is forbidden to buy from street vendors in the red zone." The fine for violators is 1 million rupiah (about US $80).

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