Monday, August 4, 2008

AIDS: I care, do you?


Text and picture by Eki Qushay Akhwan

My yesterday's post seemed to have generated some misunderstanding, despite the commentary I wrote. Horny Clinic is NOT a medical institution, but a local fashion/apparel trade mark and store. The name they chose may seem impertinent and offensive to some people, but I should admit that it is very catchy and gets the attention of many (it did get mine).

All that aside, I must also say that I like the creative process the choosing of the name must have involved. In addition to that, the theme of their commercial campaign, like the one they did here at Bandung's KICKFEST 2008, also had some social responsibility that is nicely linked to their namesake: "AIDS, I care. Do you?"

We should certainly do. Teenagers are one of the groups of people who are increasingly prone to becoming infected with this deadly disease. And no means of delivering a message about avoiding risky behaviors (free sex, drug use) that could get them infected with this disease are more effective in reaching this age group than to one of the very things the love most: Fashion.


Virginia said...

Yes I knew about the "clinic" I was just having some fun with the name!
I was fiddling with my blog and trying to do tomorrow's post and a friend called and it didn't get completed. Stop by tomorrow for the very funny photo.

Murphy_jay said...

Agree with you Eki, to reach these young people, you need to speak in their lingo.

It's frightening to know that majority of the young people out there only know AIDS and HIV by their names only. These campaigns will help to spread the awareness.

Meead S. said...

AIDS! It's an increasing diseas in my country too. Drug is the first common reason for AIDS and free sex is the second one in Iran.

Hilda said...

AIDS is still such a big problem all over the world. =(

I love the fresh, great ideas that kids come up with. In the university where I work, I always enjoy walking down the hall where the student organizations' billboards are. Their posters and announcements are usually great. Right now, there's a big campaign on for waste management — if the rains let up a bit, I'll try to get a photo of the huge outdoor sign and installation they set up.

Rosy said...

I found the name rather funny myself, reminds me of a cafe sign that I had seen awhile back except I wish not to post what it had read...don't want anyone yelling at me.

AIDS is real problem everywhere and so many people not just kids but seniors as well just think it will never be them who catch it.

Rambling Woods said...

Great photo as always..Curious as to why the sign is in English?... Michelle

... said...

It's such an important message to get out to people, being such a terrible disease. And teenagers do believe they're indestructable...anything risky & they're onto it.