Thursday, August 21, 2008

City of People: Mirror Mirror on the Street, Tell Me Who's the Most Sweet


Text and picture by Eki Qushay Akhwan

Put a mirror on a sidewalk, and see what happens to passers-by. ^_^

I feel a bit exhausted today, and don't feel like writing anything for today's post. I hope this petite street humor could ceer you up a bit as it did me when I took this photo.

This is another photo that, I think, could be categorized into the Street Photography genre: It's about a moment on the street (public space), it concentrates on a single human action, it's candid (the photographer - that's me - did not interfere whatsoever with the subject and the development of the event), and it's in black and white.

I took this photo at Bandung's KICKFEST 2008 held earlier this month. This distro fest, as you may remember from a couple of my previous posts, was held as part of HELAR Fest, an annual event that celebrates creativity and Bandung's emerging prominence as a regional center for creative arts industry.


Carrie Hayes said...

What a fun idea...Ill have to get myself a mirror and try it sometime!!Good job, what a fun shot

Virginia said...

Love the composition of the two boys together in the mirror. Well done, Eki.

Kelly said...

I love the composition of this photo! The expression on the face of the gentleman on the right is most interesting. Really nice shot!

Curly said...

Hi from South Shields,

I'd like to thank you for your steadfast support, the combine comments and emails from CDP bloggers has had a
profound affect, South Tyneside Council is to retrain it's staff and South Shields Daily Photo
will be posting again as from tomorrow.

Many thanks


Jangan said...

And as we know - Indonesians, both male and female, spend a lot of time checking themselves out!!

Laurie said...

Eki, I so love your street photos. The composition on this is fantastic. And the expressions you captured are priceless. Beautiful work.

babooshka said...

Your street photography is wonderful. It is a genre, I get so little of due to the local suspicion.

pyo said...

mirror...mirror...hangin' on the wall, tell me who's the coolest off them all? Well, to my view...I must say it's you!

that's part of Bart Simpson's lyrics. (I believe you know Bart, don't you?)
Almost all the people love to check themselves out before meeting anyone else... It's a must! I like the picture, because you aware of that needs.