Friday, August 29, 2008

Bandung Urban Scenes - Exploring Urban Photography #1

Urban photo 1

Text and picture by Eki Qushay Akhwan

Urban environments may look visually chaotic. But to the discerning eyes of photographers and visual artists, this chaos is just a facade beneath which are hidden an infinite number of interesting elements ready to be discovered if only one can pay enough attention to the details and/or rhythms that make up that chaos. This, I think, what urban photography essentially is: an attempt to discover "order" in what looks like incomprehensible and chaotic realities.

In exploring urban photography, a genre of photography which is generally still categorized as a subform of documentary and/or street photography, a photographer needs to be creative and have a daring attitude to see the realities around them in different ways. One way to do it is to look for patterns, like what I did with this photograph, which I took at BEC (Bandung Electronic Center) parking lot a couple of days ago.


melanie said...

Oui, vous avez raison, en prenant certains éléments, en cadrant certains aspects, on peut trouver de la beauté dans un univers qui semble quelconque. C'est l'art du photographe.

Virginia said...

WEll done. I would have walked right past that one. I love your explanations regarding street photography and now urban photography. You are a great teacher, Eki. Is that what you do??? I am trying so hard to see what you all see. It's so obvious in your photos and then when I go out, it escapes my lens.

Rambling Woods said...

I think our "eye" looks for symmetry as a throw back to our earliest genetics. I will have to take a look when we go into our city..if we ever get there Eki.. --Michelle--

Laurie said...

Eki, you are an artist and a teacher as well as an amazing photographer. I LOVE this. And I would have walked right by, too. I need to explore more urban photography, too. I love finding art in the mundane -- order in seemingly chaotic places.

Love this.