Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BTS - Base Transciever Station

With the booming of wireless or cellular telecommunication, this kind of tower called BTS (Base Transciever Station) becomes an everyday sight almost everywhere here now. For the sake of area coverage, they have sprung and been erected in nearly every strategic location you can think of: high-rise buildings, hills, etc., some of them even by disregarding their aesthetic effect on the overall landscape.

BTS basically connects the end-user telecommunication devices, such as the cell or mobile phone, with the network(s) that provides the service.

Mobile communication industry and services are among the fastest growing and most lucrative businesses in Indonesia. As of 2008 more than 50 percent of Indonesia's approximately 240 million people have used or had access to mobile or wireless telecommunication services. This penetration rate is predicted to grow exponentially and reach 80 percent by 2012.


Catherine said...

These towers are the center of a polemic here, in France.
Inhabitants associate themselves, and they brought law pursuits against operators. Aguing that they're bad for Health, and they succeeded, antenna have been dismantled. It's a first trial which could be a legal precedent, because many other association are asking for the dismantlement of other towers.
Telecommunication lobby is trying to interfer with our government !

Not only they're awful to watch, but they're certainly contraindicated for the health because of the waves.

Mo said...

If only they would make them look like artworks rather than blots on the landscape

Julie said...

i never thought a cell tower could look good but your photo is a great capture with the sky and the color.

uncleawang said...

Kuching too, this kind of tower is everyday sight..but still our internet coverage is limited and slow.

Babooshka said...

Glady something we don't have much of here. My thoughts were though and one would make a great skywatch post. said...

They aren't very attractive are they? They are going up all over the place in the US too..I hadn't heard of health issues associated with them.. Hmm..Will have to look that up..