Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Cow Farm

These are the cows (dairy cattle) that are fed by the grass that the man in my yesterday's photo brought.

Indonesia is still yet to be self-sufficient in its fresh milk production. According to the cattlesite, it currently produces only about 1.2 million per day of fresh milk or about 25 percent of its market demands. Out of this, West Java - as I mentioned yesterday - contributes about 430,000 liters, which places it as the second largest producer of fresh milk in Indonesia after East Java, which produces about 600,000 liters per day. The rest is produced by dairy farms in Central Java and other parts of Indonesia.

Dairy cattles are mostly owned by individual farmers who on average have fewer than 10 catles. These farmers organize themselves in cooperatives to help them get the supplies and assistance they need in raising their cattles, transport and market their produce, and deal with their major buyers, which are the dairy product factories, mostly located in Bandung, Bogor, and Jakarta.


Carrie Hayes said...

I love this shot of the cows!! Hope things are going well for you this week Eki! Have a great day

Mo said...

Very different animal farming in Asia. I wonder though if it is the right thing to do. They take so much resource.

50-50 said...

What a lucky cow - to be fed by hand.

omami said...

I love cows... lovely photo!