Monday, January 11, 2010

Five Storeys of Electronic Goods on A Dirty Street

Here is the facade of Istana Bandung Electronic Center (BEC) on Jalan Purnawarman.

In terms of size, BEC is small compared to many other malls in this city. It's even located on a narrow, crowded, and dirty street with no functioning sidewalks which - since the opening of this mall - has been invaded by unrully street vendors and panhandlers. Amazingly, this mall is still a favorite destination among locals as well as visitors. That's probably because this mall has five-storey of stores of electronic goods and gadgets: cell phones, computers, laptops, cameras, and their accessories offered at competitive prices. So, it's a kind of one-stop shopping destination for gadget lovers.


Dina said...

I would get dizzy there, looking at so many things.

Eki, I didn't change anything on my template or blog. I hope it looks normal to you soon. Who can understand the ways of Blogger . . .

henny said...

I always had an impression of Bandung as a clean, uncrowded, flowery city, FO and food tour. I've never been there, maybe someday for gadget tour?
Halo, apa kabar? O hisahiburi, long time no see :)

luna said...


I like the idea of a big building with like merchandise.

Easy on the feet, no?

By the way, great shot. I like the perspective.


Photo Cache said...

This place must be selling the goods and gadgets at affordable price, hence the continued patronage.

Catherine said...

Five storeys i, the same place mean certainly unbeatable prices...Interesting