Wednesday, January 6, 2010


These old and cheap-looking cameras belong to the members of KLASTIC, Indonesia's plastic and toy camera community. The desk exhibit was part of the workshop that Klastic was giving to introduce its community to the rest of Bandung's photographic and creative communities and the interested public in general at Braga Fest last December.

Klastic is a unique photographic community in that (1) most of its members are young people (teenagers and those in the early 20s), (2) they use film/analog plastic and toy cameras, many of which are cheap and salvaged from flea markets, (3) their approach to photography (photo-making) is what may be called as "don't think, just shoot" (there are no rules there, just follow your gut feeling). The practices in (2) and (3) are also what lomographers (the practitioners of lomography) do. Although lomography itself was initially associated with a certain brand of cameras and accessories, i.e. those produced by LOMO PLC of Russia, it has now become the proper name for this kind of photographic practices.

Klastic, by the way, was established on December 7, 2008. So, it's a pretty young community.


Dina said...

This is so interesting.
Anything that encourages photography is a good thing.

Photo Cache said...

I fit right in here because "i dont think, i just shoot".

Catherine said...

I'm with Dina. I like the idea, that's he beginning to search the "look" of the photographer.

Even, maybe I would make part of the Klastic community given concerning pictures I'm a "don't think, just shoot" person ! I think later looking at my pictures, thinking about what story is hidden behind.....
Except, unfortunately, I exceed the age limit ! and my camera has cost a little much than a toy ...but the result on pictures can be the same. : )

luna said...

Very informative. Are you a member?

Oh, and while I am here, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year.