Friday, January 15, 2010

Skywatch: Noah's Ark Landing Site

I often jokingly ask this question to my friends, "Where did Noah land his ark?" Or "Do you know where Noah's ark landing site is?"

When everybody is getting serious about the answer (many would say it was Mount Ararat in the eastern Turkey), I'd say, "Nah ..., it's much closer than you think. It's in this city."

They'd be confused of course. Then I'd say, "it's on Cihampelas street." And they would all laugh. They of course know what I mean. It's the Perahu Jeans shop facade.

Have fun with Skywatch Friday, everyone!


luna said...


Thanks for showing me where to find the ark.

My journey has ended.

Tabib said...

Beautiful 'Bahtera Nabi Noh' ;)

J Bar said...

I'm sure that must be an odd sight in the city.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

fickleinpink said...

If Noah made an ark of such bright colors, it would have been a pretty sight!

have a great weekend!
Come watch the sky with me!
Happy Weekend ahead!


jeannette stgermain said...

Wow, what a store front! Then to think I was born on the same island as Noah's ark! :) said...

Maybe Noah had just gone out to go shopping for a new pair of jeans when he got caught in a rain storm that lasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

arabesque said...

the ark thingy structure's very artistic i think and also very colorful. ^0^

Catherine said...

Of course, now you remind me.... I always knew it Eki !
That's a funny Skywatch !

Anonymous said...

a great conversation starter.
enjoyed your whimsical post today.
have a wonderful weekend.

David July said...

A great photo, bro. I love photograpy and always want to have my own camera, but I never succeed in getting one.

Paula said...

That's so funny, now we don't have to climb any mountains.

Dina said...

Haha, that's cool! Hope you don't get the flood that goes with the ark, though.