Sunday, March 28, 2010

Introducing The Bandung Streets [Photography] Project

You may have noticed that I have not been posting here for a while now. No, I have not stopped making pictures and doing photo journaling/blogging about the city of Bandung yet. It's just that Bandung Daily Photo will have to wait for a while as I have more important engagements and projects to attend to. One of them is this street photography project for the 200th anniversary of Bandung.

"Bandung Streets" as I call it is a project to document life on Bandung streets as it is. It contains candid or uninhibited view of Bandung's urban environment with the emphasis of presenting the human aspect, the unseen nitches of the city, and problems that the city is facing that need to be solved soon.

The project aims to collect more than 500 photographs, of which 200 will be selected to be published in a book.

Please support this project by visiting the blog and comment.

Thank you.
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Dina said...

Such a worthy project, Eki!
With your good eyes and sensitive soul, you will surely find hundreds of people and things on the streets that need to be documented.
The book will be of historical value and hopefully also a trigger for improvement where needed.
Good luck!

AWANG said...

Looking forward for the photos,the project seem interesting.

the donG said...

good luck on this project. nice that more and more photo enthusiasts are arising.

Catherine said...

So much work to do now with 2 blogs !!! It 's worthwhile, Eki.
You get the perfect look on things and people to carry through this new project.