Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stationery Vendors

Stationery vendors in front of Kantor Pos Besar Bandung (Bandung Grand Post Office) on Jalan Asia Afrika. Business is quieter for them now than it used to be before the era of the internet and cell phones. Now people don't send as many mails as they used to be. They now prefer emails, text messaging, and communicating with one another through social networking channels such as the facebook, etc.


Leif Hagen said...

Aha! Just what I've been looking for - stationary for my May client event!

arabesque said...

times are changing, what's cool and trendy before suddenly becomes passé.
but i still love the nostalgic feel of using snail mails instead of the swift emails sometimes. ^0^

ps: i gave you an award, just visit my blog if you have the time. tnx! ^0^

Photo Cache said...

what a fantastic capture. however looks like a slow day for business.

Dina said...

Such a nice scene. It makes me want to buy something from them.

AWANG said...

Look like good business,thanks for sharing & have a nice day.

luna said...


This is an extraordinary photo ... one which is tops in my he book.

And, your explanation of how technology will soon put these vendors out of business soon.

In so many ways, I am sorry to see the old way of life slowly disappearing.

I am sometimes saddened that the world will not be unique and interesting.

I am all for westernization but I want the old ways not to disappear.

I find myself rambling but I think you get the idea.