Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My World: Sisingaan

Sisingaan (also called Gotong Singa) or the lion dance is a Sundanese performace art that is originally from the area of Subang in the northern coast of West Java.

This performance consists of several subsets of performances. They include:
(1) Tatalu or arang-arang bubuka, a dynamic musical opening;
(2) Kidung or kembang gadung, a singing performance;
(3) Ibingan, a dancing performance;
(4) a set of accrobatic performances, and
(5) a closing musical performance.

The name "sisingaan" is derived from a pair of lion-like figures that become the central attraction of the show. These lions are usually used to carry children like the ones you see in the pictures.

Sisingaan can be performed at any helaran (festivals). But it is usually performed at circumscision ceremony and other carnivals.

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caughtbymycamera said...

Looks like a happy and cheerful event. Great pictures.

jeannette stgermain said...

Wow, I like to see that dance! The last pic is very cute!

Photo Cache said...

oh what a fun festival. the last pic with a cute little boy is really nice.

arabesque said...

interesting post! ^0^
really during circumcision?!
that looks truly festive indeed.

the donG said...

looks so festive! i like the kid.

Mark Kreider said...

So wonderfully colorful!

Dina said...

This and the buffalo dances look like such fun, and right there on the street!
The little boy is so cute.