Thursday, July 29, 2010

Accidental Installation Art?

While I was walking down the Asia Afrika street the other day, I spotted this interesting piece of - shall I say - art?

A painter was apparently trying to sell his painting on the pedestrian walk and hanged it on the steel bars of a closed shop. He also hanged his helmet next to it, therefore accidentally creating some sort of installation art (?). The vertical steel bars, the abstract painting, and the black helmet somewhat made an eye-catching composition that transformed the otherwise dull look of rusty steel bars on the sidewalk into something that's worth stopping and looking.

I don't know if the artist did it on purpose (he was not there when I took the photo, perhaps away for lunch). Being an artist, perhaps he did. If he did not, he certainly had accidentally and out of aesthetic instinct created an installation art display.

Installation art, as I understand it, is a three dimensional work of art that is designed to change/transform the perception of a space. It is usually made indoors. Those outdoors are usually called land art.


jeannette said...

True an "installation" or "assemblage" (the latter word more used in Holland) is mostly inside, even though it could be a whole room or a stair way, or something big.

Photo Cache said...

interesting train of thought.

Dina said...

You have a good eye to see it that way, Eki.

But wait, you mean the artist left both things hanging and walked off to lunch?