Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finding Opportunities

I did not post yesterday because I had to go to Depok to attend a one-day workshop on the teaching of translation at the University of Indonesia.

The University of Indonesia campus at Depok is a lush, green, and forested campus with a man-made lake at the center. It also has many well-landscaped tropical gardens dotted with interesting sculptures like this one that I found in front of the building where we had the workshop.

The plaque at the base of this sculpture says that the title of this mixed-media sculpture is "Mencari Peluang ..." (Finding Opportunities). It was crafted by Iriantine Karnaya, one of Indonesia's top sculpturer, in 2007.


Boom Nisanart said...

Interesting photo !
and I love this sculpture : ) said...

Interesting sculpture. If that ball gets rolling too fast, someone will fall off, or get squished.

Dina said...

I think your students will soon be on top of the world.