Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Ninjas of Bandung

These authentic-looking Ninjas (Shinobis) in action are not real humans. These figures are only dolls made of pieces of cloth and bamboo sticks. They are made-in-Bandung souvenirs. They can be easily found on Cihampelas Street and other places of interest. They are inexpensive too. So next time you visit Bandung, you may want to get them for your friends and relatives at home.


Dina said...

Those Ninjas look really cool.
I'd rather see my kids play with them than with the computer games of such combat.
OK... maybe I'd actually like to play with them myself. :)

this too will pass said...

this had me fooled at first; nice angle

Photo Cache said...

would be really nice to get a set of these and display them at home. and cheap too you say?