Monday, June 27, 2011

Dancing Orangutan

Can orangutan really dance?

While it is known to be one of the most intelligent primates, there are no references that I know of that say that orangutan can dance. Atim - a captive orangutan at Bandung Zoo shown in this photo -, however, would sometimes display what looks like a dancing act when asked to pose for a photograph.

Atim has been placed at the park in the center of the zoo by his caretaker/handler every Sunday to entertain visitors and those who want to have their photos taken with him.

This photo was taken and contributed for Bandung Daily Photo by Alda Agustine, a teacher at TBI Bandung. Thanks for the contribution, Alda.


Photo Cache said...

on this shot he appears to be doing a hip hop move. yes they can dance.

Typically Dutch said...

With this monkey I went on the photo too,so great !!!
I like the zoo in Bandung,it is so different then in Holland.

Dina said...


It's nice you give guest photographers a chance to post nice photos on your blog.

Alda said...

Thank you all for your comments on my photo. Yes, Bandung zoo is a great place to take shots, and this orangutan is a real attraction. Glad that you liked it :-)