Friday, June 17, 2011

Vila Isola at Dusk

Some buildings are called an architectural heritage not for nothing. They are beautiful from whichever angle you see them, whatever the time of the day and whatever the season is. I think Vila Isola is such a building. I have photographically explored this building from many different angles and time of the day, and I never get bored with it.

I took this photo from the front gate of my office, which is located just across a small in-campus road from it, at dusk a couple of days ago just as I was getting out of the office. The the light of the early evening sky shining upon it gave me another photographic opportunity to marvel at its beauty. The silhouetted arch framing is that of the entrance columns (?) into my office building.

Since some of my friends and this blog visitors have sometimes asked me what camera(s) I use, I'd like to this opportunity to say once again that I don't usually use fancy or expensive cameras. I took this photo (and many others I have posted here) with a small, inexpensive pocket camera that I always have with me where ever I go. I'd rather not say what the brand is, but if you want to know you can email me.

This post is Bandung Daily Photo's participation in this weeks Skywatch Friday meme. See more sky-related photos from participating blogs from around the world here.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of a beautiful house.

Emille said...

Beautiful building, Eki!
Long ago an "ancient" camera was given to us (when we just got married), and we took pics with it for years, even good enough that I now digitize those pics!

Dina said...

I see what you mean. This building is really a pleasure to behold, especially in this fine photo.

Tes said...

Lovely sky photo! Love the composition!

Luna Miranda said...

love your framing. terrific photo.